Welcome, Goddess Divine.


Hello, Beautiful.

I am so delighted to meet you!
Let’s grab a mug of tea and sit together and share our stories while we walk this path. Let’s giggle like teenagers and hug like grandmothers. Let’s take a soul journey together, but more importantly, let’s reaffirm all the ways in which we can honor ourselves and the divine within us. Our femininity is a gift – but so often we ignore or suppress the ways it makes us unique. We hold ourselves to unreasonable standards. We stress about beauty, career, motherhood, and pleasing others. We martyr ourselves when we should goddess ourselves.

Goddess is a VERB.

The path of a living, breathing goddess is the path to peace, self-discovery, and spiritual evolution. It transcends the treadmill of life, but infuses into the mundane. To seek our own empowering truth is to peel away the layers of psychological armor we build up around us and fool ourselves into thinking we don’t need to look further, to delve deeper. When we are comfortable, we feel safe – perhaps even protected.
But a goddess knows that when she is uncomfortable, it is a sign she is growing.
The truth is, we will age, our bodies will fail us – but this is where the physical journey ends and the spiritual journey begins. Every day is an opportunity to renew our spiritual tasks and sacred purpose.

But what if I’ve forgotten how? What if I don’t know my life’s purpose?

Don’t worry, darling. Your inner goddess hasn’t forgotten. She just needs your permission to shine. It is my honor and personal sacred task to give you practical, daily tips and advice to help you remember how powerful and purposeful and soulful you really are.
Are you ready? It’s time to goddess yourself.

Shine on.


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